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Tiny Blooms Yoga

Tiny Blooms Yoga specializes in prenatal, postnatal, and kids yoga!  Understanding that parenthood can be very isolating and challenging, Tiny Blooms is a place where parents can go to feel supported. Tiny Blooms is part of a collective called Blossom Tree Wellness.


Danby Music Lessons

Danby Music Lessons is "Cultivating great leaders of tomorrow with sound character, work ethic, creativity and passion all through extraordinary music instruction." Their music instructors will actually come to you in the comfort of your own home! The owner, Paul Gentilini, is a spiritual, family man who is providing a great service to our community!


Meredith-June Photography

Meredith did both of my sons newborn photo sessions, as well as our family holiday photos each year. I highly recommend her! Great photos, great studio, great locations, and a great photographer! (And now, a great new mom too! :D)


Carolina Santos

Carolina teaches private vocal lessons via zoom from her home in Argentina. She is a wonderful person and someone I enjoy working with. I encourage you to try her out! Here's a little about her!


Hello! My name is Carolina Santos. I´m a profesional Singer and Performing Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I hold a BA in Popular Music – Jazz Vocals from TAMABA School, IASJ and ALAEMUS member and I´ve studied with several Jazz musicians around the world such as Benny Benack, Veronica Swift, Olivia Chindamo, Camille Bertraut, among others.


I've been teaching since 2013 and I´m really dedicated to all my students. I have a lot of patience and a natural educational vocation.


Both of my parents are musicians and music teachers so my life has always been surrounded by music. I´ve learned from them how to listen, that every student is different and because of that there is no “magic formula” for teaching, you have to truly listen to your student and work with their instrument, their ears, their story to be able to guide them to a better use of their instrument.


As a Vocal Teacher in my lessons we focus on three main areas.


  • Vocal Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Interpretation of the lyrics


We need to have control of our instrument and for that, we need technique, so in that area we will work with muscles and spaces on our body that will help us achieve a better use of our body that is our instrument.

We need our ears to be trained and to have more and more musical language to be able to sing what we hear;

And for last but not least, as singers we are also story tellers. Those lyrics were written by someone else, so we need to truly understand them and create our own story to communicate it in an honest way, so for that we will analyze the lyrics and think of stuff like “Who´s singing and to whom?” “What does the protagonist wants to achieve?” “Where is she/he singing?”, among other things and interpretation exercises.


Let´s work together!

Carolina Santos