Pricing & Information


The monthly investment is currently $84. This provides you with:

  1. Weekly 45 minute classes (4 per month)
  2. Kindermusik Online materials, which include an entire year's worth of Kindermusik music and our Musical eBooks.
  3. Unlimited makeup classes at any of our locations while you're enrolled.
  4. The option to purchase the current unit's corresponding CD, Book, & Instrument each month.
  5. Weekly Facebook Live Mini Class in our Private Facebook Group
  6. Access to Open Play in our Cornelius Studio
  7. The ability to have Kindermusik Birthday Parties
  8. The ability to bring a friend for free
  9. Weekly Emailed Benefits that tell you why we're doing what we're doing in class each week.
  10. A team of expert Music Educators, led by Missy Wilson, who, in addition to being licensed to teach Kindermusik, also holds a Bachelors and Masters in Music Education with over 2 decades of experience.




  • Ongoing Classes: Most of our classes are "ongoing monthly" classes, which means that you will be continuously enrolled each month (and charged on the 1st), until you tell us you want to pause your enrollment.
  • Preview Classes: We are not offering trial classes at the moment. There are a couple reasons for this - it allows us to have the same group of families attending class each week and provides consistency and continuity for all enrolled families. Also, attending one class doesn't really give you an indication of how much your child will enjoy or benefit from the classes. Children (and adults :D) thrive in environments where they can build relationships with others and where the routines and rituals of class are familiar, allowing them to open up to the learning experience. It can often take 3-4 weeks for this to happen. Regular attendance also allows children to enjoy a progression and mastery of the music skills over time - I really love this aspect of the program. That being said, we don't have a registration fee, nor do we have a cancellation fee, or a minimum number of months of enrollment required. So you can pause your enrollment at the end of any month (just give me a week's notice so I can fill the spot from the waitlist and make sure your auto charge doesn't go through for the next month). I also offer a money back guarantee, if you come to 5 consecutive classes and decide you have not received any value out of our program, I will give you a 100% refund! (although no one has taken me up on this yet! :D) So you might as well just enroll! :D
  • Fees: We do not have a registration fee, nor do we have a cancellation fee!
  • Siblings Savings: Siblings in the same class receive a 50% discount. Siblings in different classes receive a 10% discount.
  • Make Ups: We have several classes during the week. You can attend one of those classes as a makeup for your regular class while you are enrolled. Simply go to your account and choose "makeup" to attend! 
  • Payment: Your credit card on file will be automatically charged monthly (on the 1st of the month).
  • Cancellation: If you wish to pause your enrollment, I ask that you let me know a week prior your next charge date (you're charged on the 1st of each month) so I can fill the spot from the waitlist and make sure you are not charged for the next month. If you tell me you want to cancel after your card has already been charged, but before your 1st class, you will receive a credit on your account to use next time.
  • Diaper changes: Please do not hesitate to change a diaper when necessary, but please do so in the available restroom facilities.
  • Breast feeding: If you're comfortable, we're comfortable!
  • Illness policy: If your child is sick or running a fever, please keep them home. This ensures a healthy environment for all children and any infant siblings that may be present. Also, please see our COVID Information Page for our COVID policies. Missed classes will not be refunded, however makeup classes will be made available, See Make Ups above.
  • Teacher absence: If class is cancelled because of a teacher emergency or illness, notification will be sent out via email and text. A make-up class will be scheduled as soon as possible. Refunds will be provided if a make-up class cannot be scheduled.
  • Weather Cancellations: Some of our classes are outdoors. If we get rained out or if the wind chill is below freezing, we have a couple of different options. We may move that class indoors, we may hold a zoom class instead, or we may reschedule the class. If you don't want to participate in the option we choose, you always have the option of joining a makeup class!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: I believe very strongly in the power of Kindermusik and your satisfaction is my top priority. If you are not happy with your Kindermusik experience please let me know!  I will do anything I can to make it right.
  • Refund Policy: Missed classes will not be refunded, as you have the option of attending a makeup class. If you come to 5 consecutive classes and decide you and your child have not gotten anything out of the class, I will give you a full refund. (Although no one has taken me up on this yet! :D) You have nothing to lose by enrolling today! :D


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